Our Legal Services

We provide various types of SERVICES in legal field in India . We provide online and offline legal services as follows :-


We appear for our clients in various courts of law in India including tribunals, arbitral forums and in departmental proceedings. we have a battery of competent associate advocates and lawyers on board on pan India basis. We Undertake all types of litigation matters including but not Limited limited to cases relating to civil, criminal (corporate side), labour revenue, indirect taxation (GST / service tax / central excise), corporate and commercial legal matters, import and export, food cases, intellectual property, insolvency and bankruptcy etc.


We provide following online and offline non-litigation legal services namely:


We provide online legal consultation to our clients in various type of legal matters. Our charges are very reasonable and services are excellent.


We provide excellent services of drafting and vetting of any kind of legal documents. We are expert in customising the legal documents in the best interest of our clients. These legal documents may include interalia contracts, agreements, settlements, partition deeds, wills. Title deeds, legal notice and it's replies etc


We provide registration services for GST, FSS food licence, Legal Metrology, Firm and society, import export code etc on turn-key basis to our clients


  1. We practice in following laws in India.
  2. We look after legal matters relating to Civil, Criminal (corporate side) Revenue Labour, indirect taxation like GST/Service Tax/Central Excise, Corporate Commercial Disputes, Insolvency, Intellectual Property, Arbitration proceedings, Food & Legal Metrology, etc.
  3. We provide litigation as well as non-litigation services in above legal matters.
  4. We represent individual/corporate clients in various courts of law or any other legal forums/Tribunals in India which permit appearance thru an advocate as per law. 

We endeavor to be friendly and reachable, and to keep in touch with our clients pro-actively


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